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Viva Zapatos

After his team stops at a diner where he meets Celeste, Cuban soccer player Lazaro decides to defect to the U.S. The FBI asks Danny to keep Lazaro at the Arno house for a few days to find out if he's really a defector or, perhaps, a terrorist. A suspicious Danny puts a tracking device in Lazaro's sneakers, and then follows Celeste and Lazaro when she offers to take him to the mall. On the way there, Lazaro asks Celeste to stop at a hotel where his teammates are staying. As a surprised Celeste watches, Lazaro tries to convince his frightened girlfriend Marisol to defect also, and they agree to meet secretly at the sports arena the next day. Meanwhile, Danny has learned from the FBI that Lazaro is probably carrying a bomb. Are the FBI's suspicions correct? And if so, is Marisol also involved-and can Celeste stay out of a potentially explosive situation?

  • Originally Aired March 24, 2001
  • Runtime 45 minutes
  • Network USA Network
  • Notes Is the series finale
  • Created November 9, 2006 by
    Administrator admin
  • Modified November 9, 2006 by
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Name Type Role
Tony Phelan Writer
Joan Rater Writer
Phil Sgriccia Director