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Episode 1

Denis Leary Seeks out to find another celebrity to be an executive producer with him for a show to give 1 person a chance to have their T.V. show Idea become a reality There are lots of people trying out and then it gets cut down to 10 then to 3 We get to here the remaining three contestants ideas Amber Gross's Idea 4 friends in new work( all religious) who meet up and talk about religious things. Then she says that Jesus comes. it seems she had changed her idea for her show because one of the executive producers says she had nothing to do with jesus the day before. Mike Lombardi's Idea 5 roomates living in manhatten in a place called SHEWS. His idea is basically 30 minutes of improvisation. Carmine's idea His idea consists of an animated movie he had made before. 5 guys in a beach house for the summer. Everyone in the room has a hard time picking the winner In the end they all pick Mike's Idea ""Shews""

  • Originally Aired August 14, 2002
  • Runtime 25 minutes
  • Production Code 101
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Name Type Role
Jim Breuer Guest Star
Ray Romano Guest Star
Jon Stewart Guest Star