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Season 1

Season 6

  • S06E01 The Philharmonic House Cleaning and Wrecking Company

    • July 22, 1961
    • CBS

    Having let things slide during the week, the Captain finds that he needs assistance in cleaning the Treasure House. He then hangs a sign on the window asking for help. The helpers turn out to be The Professor (the president of the company) and guests Irving Harmon and George Zima, who do more resting than cleaning. Tom Teriffic appears in the complete story ""The Flying Sorcerer"".

  • S06E02 Should The Captain Have A New Uniform?

    • August 5, 1961
    • CBS

    Mr. Green Jeans brings a Revolutionary-type outfit (complete with powdered wig) to the Treasure House, as he thinks the Captain needs a new uniform. The Captain is unsure of the need, but wears it and marches to the tune of ""Yankee Doodle Dandy"". Bunny Rabbit volunteers to make the Captain a new suit, with unexpected results. The Captain daydreams about what kind of uniform would suit his style. Bunny Rabbit invents a Lion Catcher and sells one to Mr. Green Jeans, much to the dismay of the Captain. The story of ""The Lion and The Mouse"" is told in song. The Captain and Mr. Green Jeans visit with two owls and two Siberian Tiger cubs. Kay Hanneford and Her Pets visit The Treasure House, and the Captain makes a jukebox.

Season 8

Season 13

  • S13E01 The Tale of The Tootle Bird

    • July 27, 1968
    • CBS

    This episode opens with The Captain, Mr. Green Jeans and Dancing Bear playing trombones (using the song ""Lassus' Trombone"" from the album ""Gentlemen, Be Seated!""). Mr. Green Jeans shows his new watch to the Captain. A dancing figure dances to the tune of ""Thoroughly Modern Millie"" (from the album ""Thoroughly Modern Hits Of Today"" by The Banjo Barons). A public service announcement titled ""Don't Fence Me Out"" is shown. Mr. Moose presents ""The Tale Of The Tootle Bird"", using the soundtrack from the 1962 record ""A Musical Visit To Captain Kangaroo's Tresure House"". Mr Moose invents a Carrot Bank. The Captain shows a ""Most Unusal Fort"". Tom Teriffic appears in the cartoon adventure ""Terrible Tantrums"". The Town Clown plays a piano, and as he does, a potted plant begins to grow, with an enormous result. The Anson Brothers (as The Three Bears) make an appearance. Harley The Cool Clown plays the xylophone. The squirrel makes the sponsor's product appear from his hat (although this AFTRS copy

  • S13E02 Mr Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Tom Terrific

    • June 5, 1968
    • CBS

Season 20

  • S20E01 Mr Rogers Visits

    • November 14, 1975
    • CBS

    Mr Rogers visits the Captain's Place to try to locate a certain part for his phonograph. While he is there, he sings the song ""It's You I Like"".

Season 21

  • S21E01 The Amusement Park

    • August 27, 1976
    • CBS

    The Captain and his friends visit their friend Mr. Willowby, who needs their help with his amusement park, which might have to close for lack of visitors.

  • S21E02 Phil Donahue Show

    • February 20, 1978
    • CBS

  • S21E03 Dolly Parton visits

    • October 27, 1976
    • CBS

    Dolly Parton is in town, and comes to see the Captain to ask if Dancing Bear would want to be in her show. Unfortunately, he is on vacation, but the Captain thinks perhaps the Little Marching Band might do instead...Of course, she always just barely misses them...

Season 25

Season 26

  • S26E01 Good Evening, Captain

    • August 21, 1981
    • CBS

    The Captain's 25th anniversary special presents excerpts from the series' premiere episode. In addition, guest stars Barbara Mandrell, Ted Lange, LaWanda Page, Ja'Net DuBois, Todd Bridges, Kim Fields and Jean Stapleton, appearing as the Captain's biggest fan, are on hand to add to the festivities.

Season 27

Season 28

Season 29

Season 33

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Kids Like You

    • CBS

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Scary Tales and Silly Stories

    • CBS

    This fun-filled, spooky chapter of the Captain Kangaroo Video Showcase is a must for kids on dark stormy nights. In Scary Tales, the Captain takes us to many fascinating locations where the most bizarre things happen. We go to Transylvania where Dracula tries to disguise himself in a suite of armor. We'll see the goofy quackertrician cure Binky the Clown and journey to the kingdom of Glitzberg where the queen and her subjects are all mechanical dolls. But best of all, we'll witness the adventures of Famous Army, the world's most courageous girl, who braves the dangers of an underground train to retieve a valuable photograph. Silly Stories and Scary Tales features the best of the Captain. His tales of mischief and mayhem will titllate kids everywhere, while driving home a message or two about goodness, a main staple of the Captain Kangaroo Video Showcase.

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Going Places

    • CBS

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Favorite Stories

    • CBS