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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Part 1

    • April 8, 1993
    • ITV1

    A family tragedy forces Sister Gabriel to leave the security of her nunnery where she has lived for sixteen years and return to her family.

  • S01E02 Part 2

    • April 15, 1993
    • ITV1

    Anna returns to the convent but Lynn arranges another visit and tries to convince her to stay. Peggy and Anna work to prevent Stan Beattie from ruining the business.

  • S01E03 Part 3

    • April 22, 1993
    • ITV1

    Anna has a plan to save the mill and convinces Hal to help her gather natural dyes. A rainstorm on the moors reveals they have a mutual attraction for each other. Stan Beatie wants Peggy to convince Lynn to get Anna out of running the business. Anna struggles with her life at the convent while learning she must meet bankers about a past loan that could sink the mill.

  • S01E04 Part 4

    • April 29, 1993
    • ITV1

    Anna presents a business plan to the bank and, with help from Walter Street, may have customers to back the plan if the plant can produce samples by working overtime. Anna confronts Stan Beatie but there is an accident at the mill. Lynn goes into labor.

  • S01E05 Part 5

    • May 6, 1993
    • ITV1

    Daniel Stern visits Anna with champagne to celebrate Lynn's new daughter. Stan Beatie continues to work behind Anna's back. Anna wishes to be released from her vows, leaves the convent, and fires Stan Beatie. With five days until the customer delegation comes, workers rally behind Anna and the mill.

  • S01E06 Part 6

    • May 13, 1993
    • ITV1

    The customer delegation arrives and after a post party celebration Stan Beatie makes a drunk appearance. Anna and Hal leave together and later tragedy befalls at the mill. Anna gets a letter that her release papers have arrived and she must return to the convent for the last time to sign them.