Town Without Pity

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In Allied-occupied Germany fifteen years after the end of World War II, four somewhat drunk American soldiers leave a bar where Town Without Pity (song) is playing on the jukebox and head to a river in the countryside. Meanwhile, sixteen-year-old local Karin Steinhof (Christine Kaufmann) has a quarrel with her 19-year-old boyfriend, Frank Borgmann, on the banks of the same river. She swims back to her starting point and strips out of her wet bikini when she is confronted by Sergeant Chuck Snyder (Frank Sutton) and gang raped by him, Corporal Birdwell Scott (Richard Jaeckel), Private Joey Haines (Mal Sondock), and Corporal Jim Larkin (Robert Blake (actor)). When Frank hears her screams for help, he swims across the river to help her, but he is knocked out by one of the rapists. After the four men are finished, the guilt-ridden Larkin lingers behind; he covers the victim with his shirt before fleeing with the other three.

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