The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption

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A handful of years after giving Mathayus the prophecy that his peaceful kingdom wouldn't last forever, Cassandra dies. Mathayus allows his kingdom to fall apart in the aftermath of the deadly plague which claimed his wife's life and he believes his reign of nobility to be over. Mathayus then becomes a mercenary once more, just as he was prior to his war with Memnon. The younger brother of Horus, a powerful king of Egypt, is Talus, and he wishes to conquer his brother's kingdom since Horus was made king over him. In order to do so, Talus, along with his army, goes to the Far East to steal the ''Book of the Dead'' from Ramusan, a king who is an ally of Horus. To stop Talus, Horus hires Mathayus and pairs him with the Teutons warrior Olaf.

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