The Bofors Gun

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West Germany, 1954. Lance Bombardier Evans, a sheltered middle-class National Serviceman, is about to be sent back to England to undertake a second attempt at officer training. But first he has to get through one night of guard duty without incident. Evans is in charge of a section of six men detailed to guard an obsolete Bofors gun at a British military base. It soon becomes clear that none of the section, with the exception of Flynn, have any respect for Evans, guessing rightly that the latter has no enthusiasm and little ability in his role. Gunner O'Rourke in particular is troublesome and insubordinate, his contempt for Evans spurring him to test the authority and patience of the weak-willed non-commissioned officer (NCO). Evans' fumbling attempts to engage him in friendly conversation only makes matters worse. The atmosphere grows more tense and O'Rourke strikes one of the other men, Rowe and then dares Evans to place him on a disciplinary charge but the NCO is too nervously intimidated to do so. O'Rourke and his sidekick Featherstone insist on being allowed to go to the NAAFI to buy cigarettes and Evans ill-advisedly lets them go.

  • Movie ID 73043
  • Status Released
  • Released Worldwide April 4, 1968
  • Runtime 105 minutes
  • Directors Jack Gold
  • Original Country Great Britain
  • Original Language English
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  • Box Office Worldwide $0 US $0
  • Award Nominations Ian Holm for BAFTA Awards, Best Supporting Actor, 1969 (winner)
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