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Seven years prior to the events of the film, Walker Baylor committed suicide at the age of 24. His mother Darcy learns that Mark Wright stole her son's business plan and now operates a chain of Hot Dawg shops in New Orleans, even using a Southern folksy ad about getting a hot dog every Saturday with his mom, which is actually a childhood memory of Darcy and Walker. Darcy gets her old boyfriend Clayton to give her the gun used by her son to kill himself. She and her friend Byrd embark on a road trip to see Mark. Along the way, they visit friends of Walker to fill in facts of his last day. They go to Darcy's hometown to visit her childhood friend Mary Lou. The visit Walker's father, who is now 70 and in a nursing home. While drinking, Byrd lets slip she and Walker had sex once. In fact, Byrd was in love with the depressed young man. She suffered as much as Darcy, and tells her she didn't know everything about her son. Darcy continues to New Orleans alone.

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