Metalocalypse: The Doomstar Requiem

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The special begins with Ishnifus Meaddle chanting and singing with the monks of the Church of the Black Klok about the Doomstar being born, and that before the "prophet's night" is over, one of them must die, as Charles Offdensen looks on and expresses concern for "the looming Metalocalypse" ("The Birth/Fata Sidus Oritur/One of Us Must Die"). It then cuts to Magnus Hammersmith and the Metal Masked Assassin holding Toki Wartooth and Abigail Remeltindrinc prisoner, keeping them both just barely alive in order to lure the remaining members of Dethklok into their trap ("Magnus and the Assassin"). Meanwhile, Dethklok is "partying around the world" in an attempt to forget that Toki is missing ("Partying Around the World"), while Offdensen is in the control room attempting to locate Toki. The Klokateers' best operative has returned dead, with a USB flash drive found in his remains. It contains a video of Magnus holding Toki and Abigail hostage, saying that his location is at the "depths of humanity."

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  • Movie ID 74598
  • Status Released
  • Released Worldwide October 27, 2013
  • Runtime 60 minutes
  • Genres Animation Comedy Drama
  • Directors Mark Brooks
  • Writers Mark Brooks Brendon Small Janine Ditullio
  • Original Country United States of America
  • Original Language English
  • Spoken Languages English
  • Production Company Adult Swim
  • Production Countries United States of America
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