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The film opens on Rachel (Piper Perabo) and Hector's (Matthew Goode) wedding day in North London. Rachel's bossy and overbearing mother, Tess (Celia Imrie), is in charge of planning the wedding. Rachel's dazed father Ned (Anthony Head) and her much younger sister Henrietta are supportive. Prior to Rachel arriving and the ceremony beginning, flower shop owner Luce (Lena Headey) who was contracted by Tess as the wedding florist, and Henrietta are rushing along while chatting with Hector and Cooper "Coop" (Darren Boyd). Luce answers Henrietta's trick question which makes Henrietta take an immediate liking to her, and she asks if Luce can sit by her during the wedding. As they await arrival of the bride, Henrietta confides to Luce that she is nicknamed "H" because, supposedly, her mother exclaimed "Jesus H. Christ!" upon discovering she was pregnant. Rachel arrives with her father and the ceremony begins. As Rachel is walking down the aisle, her eyes wander and she makes eye contact with Luce. It is apparent that a connection between them has been made as their eyes meet. Rachel looks away, then quickly back, but Luce is gone. The ceremony continues according to plan, and Rachel and Hector marry. At the reception afterwards, Luce introduces herself to Rachel as the one who did the flowers as she is about to get punch. Rachel nervously blocks Luce's attempt to get a drink, and when she questions why she can't have any, Rachel reveals that her wedding ring accidentally fell in. The two share a moment together, but it is over after Luce fishes the ring out of the punch bowl and goes on her way.

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