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''Bagboy'' is a fictional television pilot for a sitcom created by Dr. Steve Brule for Channel 5. Dr. Steve Brule directs himself in the title role of a rejected sitcom pilot about a Myer's Super Foods bagboy who must decide whether or not to report a shoplifter. Shelved for its "substandard quality and low entertainment value",<ref name="Snierson 2015" /> it begins with an introduction by Pablo Myers, owner of Myer's Super Foods, along with his family. After the opening with Steve injuring himself after mopping the floor inside of Myer's Super Foods, Steve is shown stocking some produce when he is asked by Micky Dolenz (as himself) where the bananas are. After pointing to them, Brule is asked by cashier Daisy to bag customer Doug Prishpreed's cans. Prishpreed offers her a VIP ticket to the ''Dumpster Dive'' show featuring himself before rudely taking away his bags from Steve. Afterwards, Steve attempts to reveal his true affections for her when he is interrupted by his coworker Chip, who says that he has two tickets for a Twisted Chains concert.


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