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View Askewniverse

The View Askewniverse is a fictional universe created by writer/director Kevin Smith, featured in several films, comics and a television series;

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“Clerks” is one wild day in the life of a pair of overworked counter jockeys whose razor-sharp wit and on-the-job antics give a whole new meaning to customer service.



College student T.S. Quint is preparing for a trip to Universal Orlando Resort in Florida with Brandi Svenning, during which he plans to propose to her; however, Brandi tells him she cannot go because she has volunteered to fill in as a contestant on ''Truth or Date'', her father's dating game show. They argue over this and break up. T.S. turns to his best friend Brodie Bruce, who has been dumped by his girlfriend Rene, and Brodie suggests the two might find comfort at the local mall.

Chasing Amy


Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) and Banky Edwards (Jason Lee (actor)) are comic book artists and lifelong best friends. They meet fellow comic book artist Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams) at a comic book convention in New York City, where they are promoting their comic ''Bluntman and Chronic''. Holden is attracted to Alyssa, but soon learns that she is a lesbian. The two begin hanging out, and a deep friendship develops. Eventually, Holden is no longer able to contain his feelings, and confesses his love to Alyssa. She is initially angry with him, but that night, the two sleep together and begin a romantic relationship.



List of minor View Askewniverse characters#Bartleby and Loki and List of minor View Askewniverse characters#Bartleby and Loki are fallen angels, eternally banished from heaven to Wisconsin for insubordination, after an inebriated Loki resigned as the Angel of Death. In a newspaper article that arrives anonymously, the angels discover a way home: Cardinal Ignatius Glick is rededicating his church in Red Bank, New Jersey, in the image of the "Buddy Christ". Anyone entering during the rededication festivities will receive a plenary indulgence, remitting all sins. Were the banished angels to undergo this rite and then die after transmuting into human form, God would have no choice but to allow them reentry into Heaven. They are encouraged by the demon Azrael and the Stygian Triplets, three teenage hoodlums who serve Azrael in hell.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back


After getting a restraining order from Randal Graves (''Clerks'') for Illegal drug trade outside the Quick Stop, Jay and Silent Bob find out from Brodie Bruce (''Mallrats'') that ''Bluntman and Chronic'', the comic book based on their likenesses, has been adapted into a film in production by Miramax Films. In response, the two visit Holden McNeil (''Chasing Amy''), the co-writer of ''Bluntman and Chronic'' and demand royalties from the film. However, Holden tells Jay and Silent Bob that he sold his part of the creative and publishing rights of the comic over to his former friend Banky Edwards. Upon learning of the film, as well as the negative reaction it has received so far on the internet, the two set out on a quest to Hollywood, to prevent the film from being made and tainting their image, or at the very least receive the money from the royalties owed to them.

Clerks II


Eleven years after the events of the Clerks, Dante Hicks (Brian O'Halloran) opens the Quick Stop convenience store to find that it is on fire; Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) had left the coffee pot on after closing the night before. As a result of the destruction of Quick Stop and the adjacent RST Video, Dante and Randal begin working at a Mooby the Golden Calf fast food restaurant along with Elias (Trevor Fehrman) and their manager List of View Askewniverse characters#Becky Scott (Rosario Dawson). A year later, Dante is planning to leave his minimum wage lifestyle in favor of a family life in Florida with his fiancée Emma Bunting (Jennifer Schwalbach Smith), whose father will provide them with a home and a business to run. This leaves Randal, who fears that with Dante moving to Florida would leave him without his best friend, bitterly disappointed. Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) have since followed Dante and Randal, and now loiter outside of Mooby's. Jay and Silent Bob no longer do drugs after they were arrested for possession and were sent to Drug rehabilitation, and become devout Christians following their release. However, the duo continue selling drugs.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


Furious over losing the legal rights to their names used in the reboot of the old "Bluntman & Chronic Movie" they hated, Jay and Silent Bob travel across the USA in an attempt to prevent the film from ever seeing the light of day.

Clerks: The Animated Series


This animated series, based on Kevin Smith's 1994 film of the same name, centers on Dante Hicks and Randal Graves, the clerks at The Quick Stop and RST Video. These "slackers" spend most of their time spoofing pop culture and whining about their miserable lives. Adding color to their lives are the resident "hetero-life partners" Jay and Silent Bob, who hang out and sell fireworks outside the store.

Clerks III


After surviving a heart attack, Randal Graves decides to make a movie with Dante Hicks about their lives at the Quick Stop convenience store.