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The Howling Franchise

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The Howling


Karen White is a Los Angeles television news anchor who is being stalking by a serial murderer named Eddie Quist. In cooperation with the police, she takes part in a scheme to capture Eddie by agreeing to meet him in a sleazy Pornographic film theater. Eddie forces Karen to watch a video of a young woman being raped, and when Karen turns around to see Eddie she screams. The police enter and shoot Eddie, and although Karen is safe, she suffers amnesia. Her therapist, Dr. George Waggner, decides to send her and her husband, Bill Neill, to the "Colony", a secluded resort in the countryside where he sends patients for treatment.

Howling II: Stirba - Werewolf Bitch


Ben White (Reb Brown) attends the funeral of his sister, journalist Karen White, the heroine of The Howling (film). Ben meets both Jenny Templeton (Annie McEnroe), one of Karen's colleagues, and Stefan Crosscoe (Christopher Lee), a mysterious interloper who tells him Karen was a werewolf. Providing videotaped evidence of the transformation – and turning up to destroy Karen as her undead body rises from the grave – Crosscoe convinces Ben and Jenny to accompany him to Transylvania to battle Stirba (Sybil Danning), an immortal werewolf queen. Along the way, the trio encounter Mariana (Marsha Hunt (actress, born 1946)), another lusty werewolf siren, and her minion, Erle (Ferdy Mayne).

Howling V: The Rebirth


After being shuttered for over 500 years following a horrific, intentionally staged family massacre, a mysterious Hungarian castle opens its doors with the apparent intention of attracting tourist business. A diverse group of people from different parts of the globe is assembled at the eerie dwelling after having been chosen when they applied for a visa. But once they arrive some begin to wonder if there is more going on than meets the eye. First they hear terrible stories about savage packs of wolves that used to roam the area and then people begin to disappear, only some of whom are found later with their throats torn out. It soon becomes clear that a murderer is among them, and the culprit may only partially be human.

The Howling: New Moon Rising


An Australian man named Ted (Clive Turner), intricately connected to the previous three ''Howling'' films, arrives in a small western town where he begins to mingle with the local townsfolk, secretly recording his own enigmatic agendas into a tape recorder in his hotel room. At the same time a number of mysterious slayings appearing to be the work of a large animal begin to occur in the area. A detective (John Ramsden) investigates the case, helped by a priest (John Huff) who is certain the killings are the work of a werewolf, leading the two of them to uncover several clues that connect events from the previous three films in the series.

The Howling: Reborn


Kathryn Kidman is attacked and apparently killed by a werewolf. Eighteen years later, Kathryn's son Will is living with his father Jack and is enrolled in a high school with an advanced security system. His best friend, Sachin, is making a horror film and is planning to broadcast it by hacking into news channels illegally. Will has a crush on Eliana Wynter, but her current boyfriend scares him away.