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Sword Art Online

In 2022, thousands of people become trapped in a virtual reality online role-playing game called Sword Art Online, forced to beat all 100 levels of the game if they wish to be free.

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2022年。人類はついに完全なる仮想空間を実現した。 VRMMORPG(仮想大規模オンラインロールプレイングゲーム)「ソードアート・オンライン」のプレイヤーの一人であるキリト。 SAOの世界を満喫していた彼は、ログインした他の1万人のプレイヤーと共にゲームマスターから恐るべき託宣を聞かされる。 それは、ゲームをクリアすることだけが、この世界から脱出する唯一の方法であること。 そして、このゲーム内でゲームオーバーは、現実世界での“死”を意味すること。 それが、このゲームの恐るべき全貌であった。 キリトは、いち早くこのMMOの“真実”を受け入れ、 パーティーを組まないソロプレイヤーとして、終わりの見えない死闘に身を投じていく……。

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition

Yui wants to see a whale so Kirito suggests a quest where she can meet them. However, it turns out that Leafa cannot swim so Asuna and the other female characters decide to train Suguha in a real-world pool in preparation for the aforementioned quest. Meanwhile, Kirito is called for an emergency counseling meeting at his new school. There he meets an elite member of the Virtual Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Kirito then tells him details about what really happened in Aincrad and in Alfheim.

Sword Art Online: The Movie - Ordinal Scale

In 2026, four years after the infamous Sword Art Online incident, a revolutionary new form of technology has emerged: the Augma, a device that utilizes an Augmented Reality system. Unlike the Virtual Reality of the NerveGear and the Amusphere, it is perfectly safe and allows players to use it while they are conscious, creating an instant hit on the market. The most popular application for the Augma is the game Ordinal Scale, which immerses players in a fantasy role-playing game with player rankings and rewards. Following the new craze, Kirito's friends dive into the game, and despite his reservations about the system, Kirito eventually joins them. While at first it appears to be just fun and games, they soon find out that the game is not all that it seems...